This is Tinkerbots

Tinkerbots create a smart and enriching play experience for the entire family, where kids explore their imagination and have fun learning while building robotic toys.

The building sets

Tinkerbots is a modular building set made in Germany that can be expanded time and again. The starter sets are available in 3 different variants.


With Tinkerbots kids do not only build their own robots, they also teach them how to move, control them with a smartphone or tablet and even learn how to write code for them.


Here you find the Tinkerbots App to control your robots, instructions to build various models and get software updates to keep your robots always up to date.


Tinkerbots is proud of all the awards we have received for our innovative building kit.

About us

Did you know that Tinkerbots are deeply rooted in the Bauhaus tradition? Get to know more about the Tinkerbots story and our team.