A building kit made in Germany

A building kit made in Germany

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With technical equipment and toys you as a customer oftentimes do not know where the product has been made or how it has been assembled. Far away in China and Taiwan in huge factories our racing cars and dolls are built. At Tinkerbots this is not the case and to give you a better insight into our production we have prepared a sneak peek behind the scenes of our Tinkerbots production facility in Germany.

For a single Tinkerbots building kit we need 226 pieces: electronical components, conductor boards, injection molded components, cables, motors, sensors, screws and many more. More than half the parts (143 pieces) are specially made for Tinkerbots: Developed by us and produced by partner companies. 29 providers and production specialists come from the same region in Germany and only four of our providers are not German. Sourcing regional products and production is very important for us - Being close to our providers allows us to be sure of their speciality and professionalism and pick the best for our Tinkerbots kits.

We are not only picky when it comes to the production of the single components, the assembly is also 'made in Germany'. We assemble our kits completely by hand in Bernau, close to Berlin with our team of ten people. Day in and day out they are busy preparing the single components so that a complete module can be created. For a building kit 650 single pieces are needed which means a lot of single step work. At one workstation we separate the plastic pieces, solder cables and paste pieces together. At another workstation we program and test the boards and prepared modules. Our assembly team is busy until the building kit is complete and can be shipped out. But of course, before we ship the building kit out to you, it undergoes our throughout quality check. We want you to have a perfect kit so you can have fun right away!

As you've seen a lot of work goes into producing and assembling our building kits. A work that is very rewarding when we see your smiling and surprised faces upon playing and learning with our robotic kits!

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