Young tinkerers show their creativity

Young tinkerers show their creativity

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One of our most important tasks here at Tinkerbots is to support the creativity of kids. Our robot building kits are made to go beyond the scoop of the imaginable and to stimulate their fantasy.

The Tinkerbots building kits consist of a Powerbrain, motion modules, Cubies and other elements like axes and wheels. The single parts can easily be turned into the coolest robot models after reading our manual. But if you want to create a robot after your own imagination, Tinkerbots is the right toy for that, too. Just put together the modules and Cubies as you like and create something completely new. With our adapter plate which you can find in all of our building sets, you can even connect Tinkerbots with LEGO® or Mega Bloks. This gives you even more freedom to let off some steam.

We call out all creative tinkerers to share their Tinkerbots creations with us and the community. Turn your ideas into new robots. Make a picture or short video of your creation and send it to We are looking forward to see your robot, no matter how he looks like. By sending us your creation you also get the chance of winning a Tinkerbots creative box with Cubies. So, just do it and send us your robot!

What exciting and crazy creations are possible with Tinkerbots was shown by some kids aged 5 to 8 in January at our Crazy Racer Award in Berlin. Some of them only changed little details, others turned the robot into something completely new.

Tinkerbots creation EdgarTinkerbots creation LeonTinkerbots creation LeviTinkerbots creation LucaTinkerbots creation MerlinTinkerbots creation NicoTinkerbots creation Philipp

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