5 reasons why STEM is cool

“Today we will talk about the electric circuit. Please draw the sketch from the blackboard and read the text on page 45 in your book”. Physics education used to look something like this for many years. But the last couple of years have seen a rethink by teachers. A new generation of educators has introduced a hands-on mentality to the classroom which brings more fun. And that’s a good start, because science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) are actually pretty cool.

Unfortunately, those school subjects are not very popular with boys and girls. Even universities have difficulties finding new STEM students. One of the main reasons why young people have no interest in STEM is that is has a boring image and students think physics, chemistry and the other STEM fields are very uncool. But as a matter of fact, you can have a lot of fun with STEM education and set the ground for a successful career. Here are 5 good reasons why STEM is cool!

1. Hands-on Learning

Aside from sports, most school subjects follow the same principle: Students sit at their table, read in their books and listen to the teacher. STEM subjects on the opposite, provide students with a hands-on and playful learning experience. Experiments in chemistry, building robots and program it in computer science or experiencing animals live in biology – students do not only learn something very important, they can also test it right away.

2. A great future career is waiting

If you chose STEM at school or at university, chances are good that you will later find a great job with a high salary. According to a report from the National Association of Colleges and Employers, graduates with bachelor’s degrees in STEM fields were the most sought-after candidates entering the job market in 2016. Engineers made an average of $64,891 right out of school.

3. Versatile learning

Even though we are talking about STEM as one field of education, it consists of several special fields which allow students to follow their interests. For example, if you are into technology, you can study coding, video game design and many other subjects which are all part of STEM.

4. Celebrities love STEM

There are several celebrities who became a spokesperson for science, technology, engineering and mathematics and proof that STEM is pretty cool. For example, Black Eyed Peas member will.I.am has produced a television show to encourage kids to engage in STEM. And one of the most popular TV shows right now is “The Big Bang Theory”, a show about a group of geeks who work as theoretical physicist, experimental physicist, Aerospace Engineer and astrophysicist. With their performance, leading actors Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki finally made physics cool.

5. Changing the world

Who does not dream about making the world a better place? If you are already into science, technology, engineering and mathematics at school and later work in that field, you will have the chance to change the world. May it be pharmacology where you find a cure for diseases or engineering where you can improve people’s life with a groundbreaking invention.

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